Avi Kirsh, Josh Heber and Moshe Brody are in siruv

Discover the truth about Avi Kirsh, Josh Heber, and Moshe Brody and their actions. Avi Kirsh, with his self-proclaimed Beis din, engages in the practice of issuing Siruv and Nidui to individuals, all for a steep price of $400. However, the sad reality is that he himself has been under a Siruv for years, yet he stubbornly refuses to participate in a din Torah when summoned. This hypocrisy is widely recognized within the Torah community.

To exacerbate matters, instead of reflecting on his actions and seeking repentance after receiving the Siruv, Avi Kirsh resorted to threatening legal action against the Beis Din. It’s disheartening to witness such behavior from someone who claims to adhere to Torah values.

We strive to shed light on these unsettling truths and provide accurate information regarding these individuals. Stay informed and explore the deeper complexities surrounding this matter.

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