Story Time with “Rabbi” Avi Kirch

An outpouring of response from concerned individuals has flooded our website since its inception. With divine assistance, we aim to publish at least one of these chilling narratives along with the accompanying supporting documents on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for these gripping horror tales

8 thoughts on “Story Time with “Rabbi” Avi Kirch”

  1. I’m appalled at the behavior of these individuals who call themselves “Rabbis” and halachic authority.
    They are bullies who are guilty of manipulation, harassment and extortion under the false pretense of “Halacha”.

  2. Anyone who needs more information on monkey business of Kirshy is welcome to contact me at In my opinion, people should conduct serious research about Kirshy and his practices, to avoid of falling into a trap prepared by crooks.

  3. Rabbi Kirsch is a tzadik, a very kind person, who only tries to help, I don’t understand how anyone can think otherwise..

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