Understanding the Constant Name Changes of Avrohom Kirsh

Understanding the Constant Name Changes of Avrohom Kirsh

Avrohom Kirsh, known for his questionable practices, has developed a reputation for frequently changing names, as evidenced by his past aliases:

  • Beis Din of Brooklyn
  • Beis Din Torah Vodaas
  • Beis Din Kollel Avreichim De’yeshiva
  • Beis Din B’tzedek Tishpoit
  • Beis Din of Rabbi Belsky

Recently, we received an email from a victim who informed us that Avrohom Yehoshua Kirsh, Josh Yehoshua Heber, and Moshe Brody are now operating under a new name: Badatz Mishpitei Yisroel.

There could be several reasons why Avrohom Kirsh’s recurring pattern of name changes persists. One possible explanation is corruption within the system. As more individuals discover the true nature of Avrohom Kirsh and his cohorts, he may feel compelled to switch names in an effort to evade accountability. It should be noted that Avrohom Kirsh’s associates also change names, indicating a continuous decline into more disreputable practices.

Another reason for Avrohom Kirsh’s name changes might be an attempt to elude search engine results. Occasionally, when someone expresses outrage over Avrohom Kirsh’s actions, they may publish a post online exposing the truth about his “Beis Din.” Given that Avrohom Kirsh lacks a valid defense against the accusations of extortion, he resorts to name changes in the hope that his past misdeeds will not haunt him.

However, the era of playing manipulative games is over for Avrohom Kirsh. The time has come for people to stand up and declare “enough is enough” regarding Avrohom Kirsh’s actions. It is crucial to protect the integrity of the community and refrain from further harm caused by Avrohom Kirsh to Am Yisrael.

Instead of Badatz Mishpitei Yisroel, which implies legitimacy, it is more appropriate to label Avrohom Kirsh’s entity as a corrupt Badatz. With this acknowledgment, there would be no need for Avrohom Kirsh to make further name changes.

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