Ignorant or Evil

The question at hand pertains to the individuals named Josh Heber Avraham Kirsh and YM Passach, and whether they are merely ignorant or exhibit a more sinister nature. It is claimed that these so-called “Rabbis” lack the necessary knowledge or understanding regarding a specific halacha (Jewish law), and it is suggested that their actions stem from either a state of plain ignorance or a malevolent intent.

The specific halacha in question is Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 334, which allegedly does not address the Halachas of Siruv, but rather focuses on Nidui—a form of censure or restriction imposed on individuals within the community. The claim further asserts that Nidui is no longer practiced in contemporary times. However, according to the accusation, these self-proclaimed “Rabbis” repeatedly reference this halacha without a genuine comprehension of its content.

The accusation then takes a harsher turn, suggesting that Josh Heber, in particular, possesses a dark and malicious character. The implication is that his soft-spoken demeanor masks an evil persona, and that he derives pleasure from fabricating new halachas to further his own agenda. The insinuation is that he delusionally believes this act of creating new religious rulings elevates his status to that of a godal—a great Torah scholar or spiritual leader.

In conclusion, the accuser raises doubts about the knowledge and intentions of Josh Heber Avraham Kirsh and YM Passach, insinuating that they either lack the necessary understanding or have ulterior motives when referencing a specific halacha from the Shulchan Aruch. The accusation further singles out Josh Heber, labeling him as not only ignorant but also malicious, suggesting he indulges in the creation of new halachas to bolster his self-perceived status as a great spiritual leader.

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