Cost that Avraham Kirsh charges to destroy a life


Avrohom Kirsch and his associates are driven solely by financial incentives, willing to engage in various unethical activities:

  • They charge $50 for providing false testimony or supporting documents hazmana.
  • They demand $150 to fabricate a counterfeit halachic opinion.
  • They offer their services for $100 to manipulate evidence ikul.
  • They charge $150 to issue a fraudulent siruv.

Expedited service

Avi Kirsh offers an expedited service, ensuring a siruv within a remarkably short timeframe of 3 weeks. However, this accelerated service comes at an additional cost of $300.

It’s time to put an end to the actions of Rabbi Avraham Kirch, an individual who claims the title of “rabbi” but behaves like a maniac. We invite you to share your personal experiences and horror stories involving him.