Kirsch talking Lashon Harah about others behind their backs

Here are just a few examples of hundreds degrading things he says

“6 girls. 4 that are out of school of marriageable age. Nebach can’t do shidduchim. BTW they are calling for donations for Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund Chinese Auction. We should send them to China. Now is the time to spread the word not to donate.”

“He davens in Rodney (during the week) and collects money around Williamsburg… They all know how crazy he is… he will suffer the consequences”

Teaching others how to destroy innocent people life’s

“Bottom line its not Poshut. If you want put thru an anonymous call to the school or her friends maybe even family members. Don’t dare say I told you to do it.”

” try to call someone who does not know you and call from a private number. i can give you the number of her sister in Law Kuperman but please under all circumstances do not say you spoke to me or got the number from me. Maybe just say you are a concerned neighbor.”

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